The complete cycle
of automation
Our services is turnkey I&C solutions
Installed capacity is 33 000 MW
Installed capacity is 33 000 MW
Installed capacity is 33 000 MW



Our systems are not a set of ready-made products from different manufacturers, but always a complete solution focused on a high level of automation, standardization, availability and transparency for the end user and maximum satisfaction of the requirements of a particular facility.

Our team has the greatest experience in the number of implementations with Siemens products. A competence and experience with such a system as SPPA-T3000 – the most functional system of the fourth generation, have no analogues in the Russian Federation. However, we are always open to the search for optimal solutions and work with various, both foreign and domestic producers.

To ensure independence from the foreign market trends and geopolitical factors when using foreign production solutions, our team pursues a policy of maximum localization of highly qualified competences within our company to solve problems of any complexity.

We do not promote the products of any single manufacturer, because in recent years we have actually become a testing ground where we collect automation, digitalization, information security technologies, test them and offer the most effective solutions that currently exist on the market. These are our proprietary technologies, solutions based on open access products, as well as solutions of our partners and third parties. We either modify these solutions, or find, test, check and develop methods of using them as part of our systems. Often, the authorial products are not the technologies and solutions themselves, but the methods of their application.

Every year tendencies of the domestic market increasingly form the demand for the use of systems with the maximum degree of localization of development and production in the territory of the Russian Federation. A ready-made solution with the highest possible degree of localization offered by our company is produced under the INCONT trademark.