The complete cycle
of automation
Our services is turnkey I&C solutions
Installed capacity is 33 000 MW
Our services is turnkey I&C solutions
Installed capacity is 33 000 MW



Incontrol LLC offers a full range of works and services related to solving problems of automation of energy and industrial equipment, as well as digitalization of production:

  • Development and implementation of turnkey I&C systems.
  • Upgrading and technical re-equipment of I&C systems.
  • Information security.
  • Service.
  • Simulators for operational staff.
  • Information systems, MICS-level tasks.
  • Independent examination, consultation, training.

The range of services is constantly being improved based on the market requirements and the experience gained over the years of creation and maintenance of modern integrated I&C systems.

Industries and fields of activity.


  • Steam power units.
  • Steam and gas turbine plants.
  • NPP.
  • HPP.
  • VPS.
  • Geothermal power plants.
  • Diesel-generator power plants.
  • Auxiliary equipment of power plants.
    • Booster gas compressor plants.
    • Compressed air compressor stations.
    • Gas treatment points.
    • Chemical water treatment.
    • Fuel supply units, ash removal units, etc.
  • Electrical equipment of power plants and substations: Switchgear, outdoor switchgear, BOP switchgear, power island electrical equipment.
  • Heat generation facilities: Hardware package, robot system, penetrant nondestructive testing, gas relief valve
  • Heat supply of industrial enterprises and settlements.
  • Thermal and electric energy distribution and metering facilities.
  • Power system tasks.


  • Oil industry.
  • Mining industry.
  • Metallurgy.
  • Cement industry.
  • Chemical industry.
  • Pulp and paper industry.
  • Water supply.
  • Waste processing and incineration.
  • Transport industry.

Development and implementation of turnkey I&C systems.

Incontrol LLC professes the principle of equal importance and significance of the I&C system and the main equipment at industrial and energy facilities. This means that solutions laid at various stages and implemented in I&C systems, directly affect the operation of the main process equipment, so we are ready and implement services for the development of complex turn-key systems. The earlier I&C specialists with a deep understanding of processes are involved in the process of creating systems, the higher the probability of obtaining effective solutions is. This is especially important in new construction and thorough modernization (reconstruction).

The accurate formulation of the problem, the qualitative development of conceptual solutions, the adaptation of the initial data of manufacturers and design solutions in adjacent parts to the conditions of application for a particular facility ensure the high quality of the final result.

A lot of experience has been gained in implementing the I&C systems with partial or complete upgrading, when modern systems are being introduced under conditions that require an exclusive approach in designing and taking into account existing constraints, as well as in extremely tight deadlines.

As part of the implementation of I&C projects, we provide a full development and implementation cycle:

  • Development of requirements for I&C.
    • Consultations on automation in terms of software and hardware tools and process solutions.
    • Inspection of an automation object or design solutions and development of requirements that take into account the features of the object and operating conditions.
  • Development of the I&C concept is a fundamental stage.
    • Carrying out technical and marketing research, necessary research works.
    • Development of options for the concept of an I&C system, assessment of the compliance of various options with requirements.
    • Consultations on choosing the most optimal solutions, software and hardware tools.
  • Technical Design Assignment – the main technical document, guide to action.
    • Development of technical design assignments for I&C systems, mathematical (algorithmic) software and other types of support
    • Development of common requirements for suppliers and developers of local ACS and related systems.
    • Development of particular technical design assignments for the information protection subsystem of the I&C system.
  • Design of I&C systems – the main process of creating a system. In its activity, Incontrol LLC adheres to the design method of I&C system creation (ORMM-3).
    • Development of the design and working documentation for the system and its parts.
    • Development of technical requirements (technical design assignments) for individual components and solutions to configure the I&C system, as well as the direct development of such components, or coordination, testing and acceptance during development by specialized organizations.
  • Packaging, pre-delivery assembly and testing
    • INCONTROL LLC practices the integration, assembly and testing at the manufacturing plants and the testing ground, which guarantees the delivery of a system with a high degree of completion, which reduces, in turn, the implementation time.
  • Delivery of a complex of software and hardware tools and the entire range of I&C equipment.
    • Flexible conditions, possibility to implement the delivery in a short time, delivery outside the Russian Federation.
  • Commissioning.
    • Preparation of the automation object to the I&C commissioning
    • Personnel training and education.
    • Installation and adjustment of I&C systems, including technological adjustment.
    • Commissioning and testing of the I&C information security subsystem.
    • Tests of the automation object, including power system objects, and commissioning of I&C systems.
    • Systems conformity assessment.
  • Maintenance.
    • Technical support and consulting.
    • Technical re-equipment.
    • Upgrading.

We do not interrupt our participation in maintaining the life cycle of our systems upon completion of commissioning and provide support to our customers on key issues of ensuring the life cycle of systems regardless of the availability of a service contract or the period of limitation for system implementation. Timely informing our customers about the detection of critical vulnerabilities and system errors, the end of production and support of various components minimizes unexpected costs and reduces the risk of emergency situations at critical facilities.

We pay special attention to accuracy and completeness of the initial data developed by us or coming from other organizations, including conditions of control of the process equipment and tasks for full-scale integration of local ACSs, as well as to testing the compatibility of various components that are part of a single distributed control system (DCS), including information security subsystem.

All stages of work are automated and supported by CAD tools. Standard solutions proven over the years are widely used.

Our proposals are based on the use of both domestic and imported software and hardware, specifically focused primarily on the solution of automation problems in the energy sector. Based on the automation of processes, we expand our systems with tasks of plant-wide control of heat and electrical loads, optimization of unit loads given the technological limitations, hardware features, etc., and also provide the supplied systems with standard solutions for the safe and unidirectional transfer of any data flow from the automated process control system to the upper-level information systems. The MES-class related I&C systems implemented by us allow to solve various economic and diagnostic problems, issues of repair planning, optimization of energy consumption and generation processes and other issues related to production management.

In view of the constant relevance of the environmental aspect of production activities, it should be noted that the use of advanced process monitoring and control automation systems at thermal power plants allows reducing harmful emissions into the environment.

In particular:

  • optimization of combustion mode of thermal power plant boiler units by optimal control of fuel and air consumption will reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx);
  • optimization of air flow control with continuous control of CO concentration in exhaust gases leads to the elimination of CO emissions;
  • the overall increase in the efficiency of the power unit leads to a decrease in gross emissions of pollutants;
  • automation of water treatment plants leads to a reduction in the amount of pollutants that enter the water bodies with wastewater from thermal power plants.

Working with us, you get a comprehensive solution to the problem, based on common approaches, proven software and hardware tools and solutions that have been tested over the years at hundreds of large energy facilities.

There are many options and offers, and the solution that best meets the requirements is always only one!

We will help you make the best choice!

Modernization and technical re-equipment of I&C.

Supporting the life cycle of our systems for many years, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in various options for modernization and technical re-equipment:

  • replacement (technical re-equipment) of hardware with the preservation and transfer of software to new hardware;
  • upgrade (update of versions) of the DCS basic software by preserving and transferring the application software;
  • replacing hardware and upgrading versions of DCS basic software with preserving application software.

The distinction and complexity of such problems is always the need to preserve the application software when moving to a new hardware and software environment. Preserving the current well-established project during the transfer allows to avoid re-commissioning of the distributed control system and carry out work on upgrades and technical re-equipment in the short-term planned shutdowns of the process equipment.

Information security.

By offering turn-key I&C system implementation services, it is impossible to overlook information security problems, to which our team pays special attention. Since 2014, all created or upgraded systems without exception are implemented in a protected design. We offer ready-made solutions with all the necessary protection measures to ensure compliance with the requirements of 187-FZ, FSTEC order No. 31 and the requirements of regulatory documents of the Customer in the field of information security.

Having a deep understanding of the architecture and principles of operation of the I&C systems of three generations of different manufacturers, as well as being problem originators and system developers, in our work on creating I&C protection subsystems, we focus primarily on the design security of systems being developed and the use of standard information security products (ISP), which automatically reduces the number of current threats and minimizes the cost of additional ISPs.

For all ISPs external in relation to the I&C, the use of which is necessary according to the results of the risk analysis and assessment, the stage of testing for compatibility and the absence of factors impairing the operation of the I&C is mandatory.

Our team offers services in audit of organizational and technical measures of protection of existing systems. The accumulated experience in the implementation and maintenance of systems provides a unique base of vulnerabilities of I&C, which are currently relevant at energy and industrial facilities.


With many years of experience in the implementation and maintenance of I&C systems of varying complexity, Incontrol LLC promotes a systematic approach to service, which implies not only support for hardware and basic software of the I&C DCS, but also support and development of the entire project, including application software, auxiliary analytical and computational tasks, the DCS diagnostic subsystem, local ACSs and network infrastructure of the entire complex of related and upper-level process systems, information security system, etc.

Our team considers service maintenance services as means of improving the reliability, fault tolerance and efficiency of automation objects. The ultimate goal and result of these services are to ensure maximum profits from the installed capacity due to the stability and quality of power operations (regardless of environmental conditions and other external factors) and minimizing unplanned shutdowns of the main and auxiliary process equipment.

Depending on the needs of a specific facility, we offer services of varying degrees of involvement in the operational life of the systems, from single-point technical support with informing the customer’s staff about the need for certain activities and provision of the necessary guidance and updates, to the full support of operational life with continuous monitoring of the state, initiation of required activities, carrying out all routine and unscheduled works, assistance in the development of regulations and guidelines, adjustment and revision of design and operational documentation as adjustments are made to the system.

Types of services provided under service contracts are as follows:

  • Scheduled maintenance.
  • Unscheduled maintenance.
  • Monitoring and support of operation.
  • Technical and information support.
  • Staff training and consultation.
  • Reservation of SPTA stock for emergency replacement.
  • One-time work on the optimization / adjustments / extensions of I&C projects

Simulators for operational staff.

Incontrol LLC offers services for the development of full-scale simulators for operational staff with an all-mode model of the process.

The simulator developed by Incontrol LLC consists of three key functional units:

      1. I&C model (upper level).

      2. Automation server model (middle controller level).

      3. Process model (lower field level).

I&C model of the simulator is a set of solutions based on a real DCS, hardwired based on full-featured application servers with software that implements the work of the upper level of the I&C. All structural and hierarchical solutions, as well as algorithmic and video frame support with the necessary adaptation is transferred from the real unit to the simulator, which ensures absolute compliance of the upper level of the I&C at the unit and the simulator, both in terms of the functioning of the software as a whole, and in terms of the work of operational personnel with the operator stations.

Depending on the automation system used, the automation server model is based of specialized basic software: automation server emulators. This software reproduces the operation of controllers with physical I/O devices and is a link between the I&C upper level and the process model.

The process model is developed with the help of ANYCAD. The initial data for the development of the model is the design documentation, equipment drawings and technical data sheets. Pipe lengths, diameters and wall thicknesses, geometric dimensions of heat exchange surfaces, tank sizes, parameters of throttle devices, passport characteristics of electrical equipment, design calculations, etc. Simulation of physical processes in process systems is based on the solution of differential equations describing the material, energy and mechanical balances in the simulated system, which are supplemented by closing relations and thermodynamic properties of the media analyzed.

The combination of all these technical, hardware and software solutions ultimately allows to achieve almost identical operation of the simulator and the power unit in which an experienced engine operator, operator or other operating specialist will not be able to see significant differences between the simulator or a real power unit.

Information systems, MICS-level tasks.

The full-scale I&C systems implemented by us are a key element for solving any kind of information and analytical problems. Over the years in energy industry and production, we are always faced with the need to resolve problems related to the I&C implementation.

Our team is continuously engaged in the development and implementation of such solutions as:

  • Systems of acquisition, transmission and calculation of process information.
  • Dispatching and remote monitoring systems.
  • Applications for analyzing archival data and accessing them outside the I&C circuit.
  • Calculation systems of technical and economic indicators.
  • Software-analytical modules of predictive analytics.
  • Other software and analytical modules that allow to carry out both traditional and forecast calculations based on data obtained from the I&C, as well as on the operation of the systems themselves.

Problems of this kind are continuously updated, due to the confident focus of the industry on digitalization. Having a number of ready-made solutions, we are open to discuss and develop new solutions that meet both the challenges of the market and the individual non-standard needs of our customers.

Independent examination, consultation, training.

With many years of experience with control systems of varying complexity, as well as covering the full range of competencies of technical areas that are consolidated in solving automation problems, our specialists are ready to provide services for independent examination and investigation of various emergency situations with control systems, including incidents in the field of information security.

We are ready to provide information support to our customers on any issues of ensuring the life cycle of systems. Face-to-face consulting services are provided both at the customer’s site and in the territory of Incontrol LLC, using stands and training machines for practicing the skills of design, adjustment, diagnostics and maintenance of the I&C.