The complete cycle
of automation
Our services is turnkey I&C solutions
Installed capacity is 33 000 MW
Our services is turnkey I&C solutions
Installed capacity is 33 000 MW
Our services is turnkey I&C solutions
Installed capacity is 33 000 MW

About Company


INCONTROL LLC is a young company bringing together a team of highly qualified associates, who are creating the best in Russia control systems for energy equipment.

Employees of the company developed and implemented control systems for almost all energy technologies: steam power units, steam and gas turbine plants, nuclear power plants, hydroelectric power plants, geothermal power plants, electrical and auxiliary equipment.

Modern instrumentation and control (I&C) systems of power facilities are flexible digital systems, which are the basis of trouble-free and effective maintenance of processes; integrated monitoring and control systems of critical facilities is a mandatory platform, the basis for further digitalization of power generation.

INCONTROL LLC represents the national school of high-quality and powerful automation of energy processes. The Company employs both highly qualified specialists with advanced degrees and extensive practical experience, whose names are known in the professional environment, as well as young engineers and specialists.

For more than 25 years, the team of INCONTROL LLC has focused on the development and implementation of high-tech, efficient, reliable, integrated automated process control systems of high complexity that are not inferior or superior to their western counterparts.

Our Mission is the development of I&C solutions, technologies and products as well as information technologies aimed at improving the safety and efficiency of production, improving the personnel working conditions, reducing environmental impacts, minimizing dependence on global political and economic trends.

Currently, the Company, along with a wide range of solutions and services using foreign hardware and software, develops products and solutions based on high-performance Russian software and hardware platforms.

Russian solutions of INCONTROL LLC are gaining increasing interest from power engineers, since they combine rich functional and algorithmic capabilities with convenience and independence from external challenges of Russian hardware and software.

INCONTROL LLC offers a full cycle of works on automation of technological examination and formulation to implementation and post-warranty service, including the functions of General contractor for the development and implementation of I&C systems.

The Company's principles imply a combination of modern project implementation methods with in-depth analysis and optimization of final solutions in the interests of production efficiency and system life cycle, focus on minimizing the total cost of ownership; focus on team work of various specialists, creative participation of the consumer in the creation of the final product.